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After serving the community over the last 20+ years as a progressive outreach ministry and 508c3 organization, Open Heart Church of Christ, Inc. is now in the process of building a state-of-the-art Family Life Center in the city of Capitol Heights, MD. The purpose of this facility is to engage and  impact the community through programs designed to educate youth, stimulate the minds of seniors, and facilitate community engagement opportunities through faith-based initiatives. Whether it’s hosting clinics to help with early detection of diseases that impact minority communities, or  having a place to support vaccinations for COVID-19, we intend to use this  new facility to bring life, health, and strategic guidance to our community.  

Since 2013 our church has supported community day events, free car washes, prayer walks, and community cleanup efforts, but with this new facility we feel we will do these events better along with adding more ways  to engage a community ravaged by drugs, unemployment, and crime. With your help we will be a light of hope to a community in PG County that has been looked over, that has a school system that needs community support to educate our youth, and seniors who lack mental stimulation. We will partner with the school directly behind us to “adopt a school” and establish at better way to engage children in need of tutoring, mentorship, and training in computer systems. We will also use the facility during the daytime hours to provide senior citizens with activities, sort of like an adult daycare for senior citizens. We have also converted our church house into a low-income housing facility for minority families seeking to build credit and get back on their feet financially.  

In closing, our leadership is committed to making a difference and already has obtained professional licenses as Teachers,  Guidance Counselors, IT Professionals, and more to empower the youth and senior citizen population in our community. These trained staff are ready to serve and educate all ages once the Family Life Center is built.  This 6,400-square-foot facility will have classrooms, a dining hall, and offices where the tailored programs we develop will shape the next generation of the Capitol Heights, MD area. We have already begun working with existing homeowner associations and community advocates to make a difference now, as we anticipate making a more broader impact once our building is completed.

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Planned Hours of Operations for this facility are as follows: 

  • Monday, Wednesday, Friday (Community Engagement Meetings) -  6pm to 9pm 

  • Saturday (Youth and Senior Trainings) - 10am to 2pm

  • Sunday (As-Needed) - 1pm to 3pm 

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